Xp for killing high level enemies


I think that you should get xp for killing people listed as enemies by your nation above lvl 7 I also think it would be cool to have a system where the higher the lvl you kill the more xp you get this will prevent people from always targeting low levels and targeting high levels for more xp making high lvl players pick on someone their own size


This really wont stop people from killing lower level players if that is your thought. Most of the server wouldn’t really care and they’d still get XP mainly from crate running, and then only use XP from killing high level players as a bonus. It really wouldn’t do much except add another way to get a little XP, this system could also be abused if not properly implemented, especially by pirates and people who like to kill for no reason.
Unless this is one of the “Bring back the old system” posts, and if that’s the case I’ve one word for you:



What. This only benefits people too lazy to crate run. Gen covered most of it, but to solve your problem, git gud.


So we actually have no reason to stop killing noobs and attack small people? Yeah I get it, because you always attack UNSC noobs yeah totally, makes sense xar, and the entire republic. Yeah I’ll just go attack hundreds of lvl 12-20’s.


Quit whining. You attack noobs as well. Xp for killing isn’t a great idea because it means less pirates and more “kill or be killed” kinds of people.