Wormholes... new sector... new systems... new planets


So I think we can all agree that the current planets, the current systems, and the current sectors are all kinda overpopulated and over-colonized. SO what if we had wormholes randomly pop up that led to other planets or to other systems or sectors. They could even be temporary, like an event where people have to race to the planets on the other side for rare resources. The wormholes themselves could be large horizontal funnels made of stained glass with a central block of glowstone. We could make the temporary wormholes gradually change color from blue glass to red, showing that they will be closing soon. While permanent wormholes could be green or different in color. Ships that fly in have to have full shields to survive the journey, otherwise they get destroyed upon passing the event horizon.
In the future we could even have “wormhole generator” multi blocks that would be hella expensive and allow for the user to create a temporary wormhole to a different set of coordinates in space, allowing instantaneous travel rather than travel via hyperspace.


We need this for trading long distances!


Sounds like SQ so already taken


Oh but you love SQ K, so that shouldn’t be a problem…


Couple possible problems:

  • Storage Space for the server
  • Many bugs
  • The original sector may be ignored

Now I simply just don’t like the idea of wormholes in SL. Or rather, the way you look at them. It just seems like it would make SL become more of a meh game that makes events to try to be good.


I just feel like we focus all on the ship fighting and stuff and personally I’m very interested in like sci-fi space stuff and it would be cool to have more stellar bodies or concepts incorporated into the game


dude. this server is literally based off star wars. star WARS. star WARS. star WARS


More STARs to go to = More WARS to fight… duh


Wormholes will most likely not happen, unless it’s the chosen transportation method to the new sector in 1.14


New sector in 1.14? Sounds sweet.