Wire/Pipe transportation distances


What is the maximum distance for transportation for:

A. Energy through wires?
1. Is there an powerless over distance?
2. Is chunk loading affecting the

B. Items through pipes?
1. Is speed of transportation affected by distance?
2. Can repeater stations be used to extend? Or is this just an enforceable rule to minimize lag?
3. Does distance affect the chance of lost items or is it guaranteed delivery to maximum distance?



I say we just add a optional armored cargo door or somthing along the lines of what the venators had for there ships and if a connector block could be added to dock ships inside larger ships.



I have never noticed any item lose in pipes and have many running around my base. max distance I have used is maybe a hundred blocks.

Pipes I have, run throughout my base and seem to work at any distance. Current longest line is about 400 blocks. There was a time when extractors in the same chunk as my pipes seemed to slow them down. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue any longer. (I also move my freighter to a different chunk)


they are limited to loaded chunks