Why do the space police function

Ok so the space police:
A group of Arimfeans and like 2 others, who have laws that not everyone agrees on, and from what I’ve noticed only “police” people from other nations.
So how should they be able to operate? Not everyone in space or even over like 30% agree on the rules if I were to guess. Ok policing arimfea and their alliance maybe (brain can police the same way but with his nation). Policing everyone no. Policing people on your soil or in your airspace sure. In random space no. Why should they be able to try to arrest me or fine me if I’m not on their land or taking from their buildings. (I’m ok with them policing trunkadis it’s useless to most of us anyway.) I just want a explanation (a legitimate one) as to why they could police me when I’m not on their land or their stuff or airspace. Don’t give me that “they’re the space police” poo. Give me a valid explanation.

The space police preserve order in sector 7B, and only enforce laws vital to the common good.

So having uranium is bad?

Also the republic isn’t the only group so laws against doing anything against them are stupid. Permits are for the common good? Or for the good of somebody’s pockets

Also don’t you think having the majority of a sector wide police force consisting of mostly AR members would be bad? I mean seeing as it would be biased.

Uranium is primarily used in Thermal detonators with a safety risk to both the public and the user.

The primary purchasers and sellers of this product are pirates and outlawed.

That is all.

What about permits? (I’ve not got one but wanna know because why not)

You’re more than welcome to request a license and once you’ve been deemed capable of safely transporting Uranium and paid the licensing fee you will have no problems carrying Uranium so long as you’ve got your license onboard in either book or sign format that has been approved.

Thermal detonators are powerful enough to kill you in one hit. If you get trapped in one spot, you’re dead. It has uses all the way from breaking into fortified bases to suicide bombings. Would you like to have your arm blown off by a terrorist? Didn’t think so