Why are you assuming I'm exploiting


From what I can tell, people are thinking I am exploiting to break ships without thinking about me not exploiting and abusing. Why would I exploit a glitch, of a guy who can literally ban me with the owner’s permission, and constantly get myself in trouble? I wouldn’t, that would be very idiotic… Also it might’ve unlocked due to him locking another SD, when I tried going after Van’s SD east of Ignum, he had locked his ship and banned me for annoying him, that other ship might’ve been unlocked instead, and if not follow what I’m saying next. The steps to a potential glitch: Have a friend add you as a pilot, lock that ship, and see if it overrides.
but I can’t actually add pilots to my ships because of my mutes. I can prove I don’t exploit in any way imaginable, I’ll be willing to do anything to clear my name. Just give me a chance before automatically assuming I’m guilty. Hey micle remember that one time when my ships got glitched and had them world edit cut? Gen had that too, but you thought I was trying to lie.