Why are ranks being removed?


y is Micle taking away ranks. It makes it harder and more challenging and it shows how much time uve spent on the server and how much respect u deserve. A noob could join a good settlement and instantaniously get a destroyer without properly knowing how to use one


Ranks are not being removed. Rank tracks are being removed. The levels will go from 1-10. XP will be acquired via cargo trade, capturing space stations, and perhaps a few other things. XP can be used to rank up.


will you get points for pirating people? because i think its really fun being a pirate and i dont want to have to cargo trade i want to kill people


Intercept traders, and you can get points from real pirating.


ok thus makes more sense now thanks’


Will amount of points be measured against amount of crates from pirating say each crate thee person has = 20 points, the more crates on thee ship the more points u get.


You get the points by taking the crates out of the ship and delivering them yourself.


will we get point for stopping pirates? because im a “go and join law enforcement” type.


I’d like that to be a thing.


There’s a vague idea for having bounties