Where are pirates?


Ok, just trowing out some ideas
A possible solution for the fact that pirates aren’t normally able to keep the crates that they steal would be to make it possible to “break” or “open” the crates to take what’s inside.

This items would be stackable and able to be put in chests so that pirates could carry them away, although they would sell for a much lower price than the actual crates.

This way a pirate would be able to make money from pirating, but normal traders wouldn’t want to open the crates because the items inside would sell for less than what they bought them for (problem that doesn’t apply to pirates since they didn’t spend money on the crates in the first place).

The Items acquired this way would need to be labeled or marked in some way (kind of like the crates are) so that Importer would actually buy them.

I just thought this would be a rather simple change to boost and encourage piracy.


I think something like this would work. Say remove the shipping label reduces the value by purchase cost but also removes the delivery timer and makes them able to go into chests. But they remain crates


That could be an idea, I was thinking maybe a Power machines (or a simple furnace) that converts crates into looted crates (or something like that), maybe not stakable but able to go in chests.

Also maybe a new NPC should be made (a Black Marker guy) to sell them to.
The crates at this point wouldn’t have an expiration date (or maybe they would have a new dead line for them to be sold to the Black Market guy) and you would be able to sell them any Black Market, but there may be a single Black Market outpost per system (I’m just making up stuff as it comes to mind at this point).


Read the thread: More ways or getting SLXP


As a pirate on my alt, I can say that:
A. If I go after someone in space, they can outrun me due to no grav well pulsing and such.
B. If I go after someone on a planet on foot, they can simply log. Even if I have already hit them once, they can still log.
C. If I go after someone on a planet in a ship, there are trade cities, and still chasing is difficult to impossible.
D. The only way combat occurs is if people think they can take you, and aggressively fight back. If someone chooses not to fight back and to merely move away if they are in a ship or log, I can’t chase them.
E. I can’t get more SLXP without doing trade runs, and fitting stickies on smaller combat ships is difficult.

Ways this issue could be potentially solved:
A. Combat NPC’s (reasoning is provided in the thread: Bring back combat npc ) This issue has gotten bad. I have literally hit people with a shot from an auto on my ship, and they just log out before another can hit them. This is why on foot pirating is no longer a viable option.
B. Grav well pulsing, or some way to stop trade ships from running and escaping easily. This is CRUCIAL as it is nearly impossible to chase someone (despite what Silver will say). Matching someone’s cruise speed is impossible, and the only way to get someone is to get close before they realize it and don’t give them time to cruise. When this happens, people are forced to move using DC, which provides opportunity for chasing. Now, you can’t actually get close enough to make ship combat ensue if the player has any experience at watching the map or simply looking at the contacts sidebar. This is why in ship pirating is no longer a viable option.
C. SLXP from ship kills, to encourage pirating and cause more combat. This alone won’t fix the issue, but combined with one or both of the options above this will encourage some combat.

Conclusion: I have been playing on SL for awhile now. When pirating died down, I had no more reason to play on my main, which I like to play as a privateer. When I felt like playing as a pirate, I began using my alt and played in Ad Finem as well as now in AltBandits. I feel like it’s not even worth the time most days now to play on my alt pirating. I can spend 15 minutes navigating across the system and into a planet, and another 15 strafing and dodging heavy turrets to finally get through an area shield on a bdp, and the person just logs. The ONLY way pirating can now occur is if the people being attacked get in a ship and fight back. If they actually aggressively think they can beat a pirate, they will often fight to the death. As thus, without any changes being made to the server, trade runs will become somewhat repetitive and player retention will only worsen, as pirating decreases too.


Another thing I forgot to mention, when chasing someone if they go into some nation’s territory that isn’t yours and just unpilot and log, if nobody is online for that nation in that territory then they won’t suffer any repercussions. With the rise of noob settlements and such, this is another thing that is very easy to do.