Where are pirates?


I like this idea for the following reason.

  1. I lose a lot of my income printing ships so if weapons only temporarily disabled ship engines and once stationary could be boarded. or players could beam over during combat, both cool options. Beaming over while the ship still had power might mean risking ship defensive autoturrets inside?
  2. ties in if we make ships not steal-able and restrict printers, ship value might go up and SvS would be encouraged because people would be less likely to loose their valuable ship, just their life, hand held items and cargo.
  3. I think printers should still work but only with given resources not credits.
  4. I always liked the idea of using a ship as a base, this might make it possible.
  5. In ship cryropod might gain value
  6. while ship weapons might not destroy ship blocks, maybe hand cannons would break but regen so that pirates could get thru doors?


by printers, I didnt mean shipfactories. I meant the printers that turn cobble into concrete. planets with rich amounts of concrete would become mining planets and barren, with large nations claiming them to keep the server running. and IF one of those companies were to fall, imagine a great depression style where everyone fights for resources and scavenges.
But not ship factories going away. Making them use materials only is a good idea though.
lets issue an ultimatum to Micle lol


Alright, I’ve got a few things to address.

Our rules haven’t been as strict as they are currently practiced. They were left vague and open to interpretation, and thus I am rewriting them to be more explicit to avoid confusion as to whether or not killing is legal.

Adding on to Teslo’s idea, most ship classes allow sizes from x to 2x, an interesting and maybe effective strategy would be to start out with an x sized ship, and invade cargo ships to attach them to the original ship until the ship size is 2x. Because warships can only have half as many crates as cargo ships, this method would allow all cargo ships to be usable by a warship class.

Lastly, one major incentive for pirates wasn’t necessarily the points or loot gained from it, but the enjoyment. Earlier, colonist was easier by far, if someone wanted to rank up fast, they would go colonist. So why would anyone choose pirate or privateer? Not because of points or loot, but for the enjoyment. The rising pirate factions live to get this enjoyment without any major loot incentive.

The main lack of piracy currently can be attributed to it being a period of peace. Of course there are other factors that are growing in importance, and we are currently working on removing those to make play-styles of all (legal) types enjoyable again.

Balancing is a long difficult process, and we thank you for your patience.


Besides the rules being really vague, several bugs that were recently fixed (especially gravity wells being broken) were inhibiting piracy. This week, several pirates cropped up and already have done quite a lot, so really I feel like it’s not as big an issue as many in this thread seem to think.

I am considering adding things like EM or tractor beams to be able to take ships intact. I am also going to make ship kills give XP, however I’m trying to come up with a good solution to combat releasing, not to mention how much XP that should be exactly. However, improving the spawn/tutorial/new player experience is currently the top priority, so it can’t be done terribly soon.

That’s just the mechanics. @KillerMidget and @Kyorg brought up issues of politics. Firstly, I think you need to accept that politics are a part of the game, always have been, always will be. “Killing for fun” will always make you the enemy of certain people. Pirates will always be reviled.

The difference here is that those people are now greater in strength, louder, and more organized; nothing more. It should come as no surprise that when you make an enemy of one, you make an enemy of their allies, be it so that they may not have dealt with you directly. You may feel they take it more seriously than they should, but that’s simply how politics and roleplay in video games work.

Part of the reason Oblivion received so much hate was their excessive (perceived?) toxicity in their hostility, their denial of being the pirates they were, and the way they dealt with other people (i.e., nobody likes it when you say the only person in Ekatera is Jeff, or hundreds of people are just a bunch of sheep with no brains). I suggest simply being open about your position of hostility for fun, and either ignore the politics or learn to participate in them.


What if when a ship is destroyed a few minutes, say ten or whatever, the ship re-spawned at its base? This might keep space clean too? So the winner would have ten minutes to loot the ship.


that’s a lot more difficult to do than it sounds


Honestly, removing pulsing was a big mistake in my opinion, it basically removes the most important mechanic for a pirate, it’s like taking a cooks knife and then tell him “come on, you can still cook!”. Rather than entirely remove it, maybe add some jammer that would use cheth while being use and disable pulsing.
When I was being chased by pirates, I rarely got caught because I had a gravwell too so I could counter theirs and they would often give up or I would get to safety in time. Thou pulsing uses too little cheth thus people just spam it, maybe something other then cheth, maybe quartz or even coal.
Now about actually taking back the crates, they should indeed resist explosions but we do need a way to take them back, I don’t have the solution but I really don’t think that towing the ship is the solution, it’s just so counter intuitive and won’t be available for new players since they can’t fly big ships, plus it’s a hassle to get the perfect container or even concrete %.
People don’t pirate anymore simply because it’s way too hard and doesnt reward you.


This thread is chock full of exaggerations. People do pirate, just not much. The general lack of combat is more attributed to politics than anything else. Especially this week, pirates made a resurgence and suddenly people have to weigh their options of where to trade if they don’t want one of a few pirates to attack them. Judging by the amount of valuables I’ve seen people lose, there’s plenty to make it worthwhile. There’s going to be improvements regarding it being worthwhile, but please, stop exaggerating things.


Can we expect the return of pulsing or something to replace it?


Micle, the problem is that combat is kind of old, or at least I think so. Capital ship battles lag people out, and thats no fun.


not with optifine and spacecandy


The pirates have been eliminated and subdued thank to the efforts of the space police.

Now begins an era of terror, fines and judgement.


I will surpass the judgment of the space police!


This will incur fines, please pay them soon or submit to judgement and execution.


Judgement? really and what about me, the police are scared to go after the big boys, come on out children and try me.


Oh boy, this is a hot topic. Even I have to admit that this experiment isn’t working, and it is particularly dangerous for me to say that. Noticed the recent urban sprawl? Notice how noobs just come in and build ugly slums? Notice how no one respects their land anymore? It’s all connected to the removal of pirates. While re-adding pirates would basically cripple the economy at this point, it’s the only realistic solution to this ridiculous outbreak of urban sprawl and the wasting of scarce resources.

When pirates existed, people actually used their land. People had to develop their land, build a real base, and struggle through ages of hardship that made possible the banding together of the server’s players into nations and alliances in which we all had a shared goal, no matter if we were united or divided, the goal of survival. People built tall, people strived for efficiency, people built cities with large, productive populations. People got their land and sticked with it, because they knew that that land and what they built on it is the only thing stopping the onslaught of the ghoulish Arimfean hordes looking to tear apart all men and women that stood in their way. But now that is gone, and feckless noobs are spreading like wildfire, drying up space and resources they don’t even know how to exploit responsibly.

Point is, people who don’t know how to use their resources responsibly are reproducing at an exponential rate because there are no ghouls to eat them… er… I mean pirates to stop them. Arbusto is fully claimed. Quod is almost fully claimed. Lots of planets are getting claimed up fast, faster than ever before in history, and no one is even doing anything with that land! And because the human species now lacks any natural predators, noobs have no reason to join other people’s already-built bases, and small noob slums are appearing everywhere because no one is stopping them from wasting our space, fuel, food, minerals, water, and air.

Someone has to stand up to the plague of urban sprawl. Noobs should be coerced by the dangers around them to join settlements instead of building undefended trash cans. Otherwise, there will be noobs everywhere on every planet, and the only way anyone will be able to get any room on those planets is through full-on, hardcore war. This is NOT a desirable outcome. If there is any hope for the future of mankind, it is if pirates are added back, and if there is population pressure so that a tall, rather than wide, playstyle is encouraged.

Oh and not to mention that politics is a complete and utter cluster ####, some players get bored, the concept of duty basically doesn’t exist anymore, it’s almost time to fire the nukes at Ekatera for grabbing up every resource that exists, and most importantly there is no struggle. These are all bad.


well i like to call myself a space pirate even though all i do is kill, steal, raid. And it is near impossible to raid a ship that has a good well trained in fighting piolot. but while it is hard its actually fun. so try being a pirate is what im saying its preety fun.


Yeah it is, but no one even knows who you are tom.


That would mean no one has lived to tell the tale of his piracy!


@Gh0stDog being a background pirate means that nobody actually hunts you so not loosing any stuff