Where are pirates?


Some months ago I decided to take a break from sl while waiting for the new update, I was skeptic about it but thought the decision that were taken would only make sl better.
And yesterday coming back to it, some changes were indeed very welcome, but one thing bugged me a lot…
Where is pirating? Where is the challenge?
Do you just run your crates all day making money without a single bit of risk, getting rich and then leave the server because you’re bored to death? I saw very few veteran players, because most of them just left I guess.
So I tried to figure out what was going on, why is the server in peaceful mod now?
Well simply because pirating is Impossible. I tried catching another ship just to see how hard it was now that pulsing was removed and it is very impossible. But then even if you manage to catch the ship, how do you steal the crates??
It all seems kinda ridiculous to me, removing a whole aspect of the server and making another one way easier.
Maybe put back pulsing (And if trader dont wanna get intercepted, they can still have a gravwell too or add something that uses chet but disable pulsing?)
As for the second problem, it’s a bit more complicated, I’d say add some black market (either on planets or space stations) and a way for stolen crates to be transported in chests or something, cause how can you have an armed ship, as fast as a trade ship and capable of taking its crates??


Others can add on/correct me if I miss anything or say something inaccurately but the trading system was changed so now to steal crates your warship has to have sticky pistons as well with redstone activation; crates can no longer go in chests or be held by the player while flying, pirating is very well still possible.


Ok so, to get the same speed as a shuttle you’d need a starfighter, but then you cannot have as many stickies as the shuttle?
Plus, I dont get it, how do you catch somoene if he can just cruise his way out of it and not be stopped?


Warships are going to be faster than their counterpart, example is that the starfighter is faster than a shuttle. With that, yes the shuttle can have more stickies than the starfighter.

Hyperdrives are needed a lot more due to slightly slower cruising speeds as well so people are jumping a lot more then they were before. With this, the gravity well size around planets have been reduced allowing one to jump immediately after leaving the planet.


still, since you cannot stop somoene in their cruise, I dont see how you would catch him, unless he’s a really, really bad pilot.


This is what I have been complaining about! People are running crates and in one month have millions of credits. Boring. A Million credits should take months, like it used to. But sadly those who want to be rich, can run crates practically un-harrassed. It sickens me.

I used to mine for cash. It would take me a few days of mining (playing about 3-4 hours a night) to fill my freighter. Then I would run to space Dock and sell. I used to make about 30K cr. a run. And that run was a risk, pirates could take my shuttle down and loot it. It was scary. Which I loved. I have played a die hard Colonist, hater and enemy of pirates. But now, it is disappointing. I don’t want to only have one choice to make credits. And now there is (as far as I know) no place to dock and sell. And it just feels washed out. I attack someone on my home planet to put a little heat into the game and they cry, “Why you being a jerk?” And on top of that it is really hard to take someone down in the trade city.

So, I think your suggestion for better variance between fighter and transport ships is totally valid and I think in the works. Hopefully it will make pirating come alive again! hopefully sooner then later. I miss my favorite pirate enemies! And I feel screwed that I worked so hard to make my half a million credits and now if you are willing to grind crates you can make that in two weeks.

Sadly for me, crates are boring. I play Minecraft to build and to mine. So my income options are nill at the moment. I am considering choosing a different path and turning to the dark side of the force. If my current project succeeds, this might happen sooner then later. Although by your post, going dark might be futile at the moment too. Balance is a hard thing. Micle works hard to keep it fresh and fun.

I really like this server. I hope this is just a temporary hiccup. Just have to wait and see.


That is exactly the way I feel, no more variance in the way you can make money, everything feels so empty.


I couldn’t agree more, I know I am a pirate myself, but I tried playing colonist for a bit on my alt, in general I did play colonist before, I was hunted by oblivion alot, it was fun, but come on, no pirates what so ever, why do I even play then!? Old SL was much better than this, I do like the trade update in general, I actually make money now, but I don’t have a risk in it, that’s actually boring, someone please make a pirate nation, or 2


No one will make a pirate nation because there is 0 reason to pirate + it is now very hard.


The SithAlliance is not about successfully pirating. It’s goal is purely evil, for vileness sakes. Goal: Place a chokehold on all crate trade!


I happen to have my alt (AvionDrake579) in the nation AltBandits.
Pirates are not gone :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes no sense thou, pirates hunt for loot and booty but not for pure evil…


I can provide a few explanations for the problems you have listed in your post.

Speaking for my faction most of us left because of the toxicity on the server. Those of us that enjoyed combat were constantly being bad mouthed. At some point one can only take so much of this, and for the most part, Oblivion reached that point.

On top of that, Micle removed most outlets for combat. So those of us that just do it for fun were seen as “terrorists”. Stations were made so they could be captured at anytime making them impossible to defend on a realistic scale. Stations aren’t even worth fighting for in the first place because they have no value. Micle also removed being able to earn points from combat which significantly reduced any point in engaging in it.

Making any sort of profit from piracy takes a much more effort than just spending that time trading. Especially for those of us that do not have abundant time to play on the server. First off, the target pool at any given time is fairly small. Second, there is a safe zone on every planet, making it very difficult to intercept trade ships. And third, Many crates get destroyed in the resulting explosion from a ship being shot down and the crates you do get usually only profit you 300-400 xp. This is especially true because the amount of players trading in large vessels is fairly limited.

There are a few “pirate” nations cropping up in the server populous but these groups either don’t understand the definition of piracy or simply don’t engage in it. Even if these groups were to actively engage trade ships for profit, they are largely under skilled and under experienced to track down and eliminated anything but the newest of players. These groups also lack proper piracy hardware which further limits their effectiveness as pirates.

Lastly, the server populous is simply uninterested in combat. Many players are not emotionally equipped to deal with active combat. As a result of this a majority of active nations on the server have banned together in the republic. Any attempts made to engage in combat with these people will result in outright toxicity, propaganda, and slander against you. The Republic harbors a dangerous mob mentality which, from first hand experience, can make the server very unenjoyable. It is unfortunate that many of these young people are lead to physically hate another nation, completely bypassing the fact that we are playing a game.

Many players in the server populous currently do not mind the current gamplay status. I personally do not find the server’s current state very fun or engaging. But according to Micle, “there are many players that enjoy trading the way it is”. Which means Micle will most likely appeal to his larger audience and leave trade the way it is. One could make the argument that this sort of gameplay is not sustainable and could get boring after sometime, but niether Micle nor the majority of the server populous seem to care. And if they are they certainly aren’t being very vocal about it.


When I was on the original alpha development team and we first starting working on Star Legacy (at the time Cosmic Conquest, that really isn’t important though), we were trying to build a fun minecraft space server which learned from the mistakes of StarQuest, so as to avoid them.

You know, I remember why 4.0 died. I remember why player retention tanked, and all the veterans and people who were loyal to the StarQuest brand faded away. SQ4.0 died because combat was de-emphasized, and almost completely pointless. On SQ, the only place you could do combat was in “the core”, while there were massive safezones where people lived and worked. However, once one of the three factions completely took the core, combat died almost immediately. The uphill battle against a greater foe was not something any of the factions on that server were equipped to fight, and even if they were, there was no point. So combat stopped. All the veterans quit. New players would quit after a few weeks, when they used to stick around months or years. Ultimately, the server died.

Now look at Star Legacy right now. Combat has been de-emphasized and player retention is falling. There’s one major faction. The only difference here is that instead of military prowess or skilled players, the major faction holds out simply on a cult of personality. I’m not saying history is gonna repeat, but… take it as you will.



“Toxicity” = I hate you for killing me. So I am going to complain until I get my way.
This is an important discussion. The server has to decide. Is it a PvP server or not? I hope it is.
At the same time, if someone is really stronger then me and thrashes me easily, when do I get relief?
Me personally, I came from chaos grief no prots servers, so I can hang, even in defeat. But not everyone can. And there have been times when I felt, “Is tonight’s session going to just be a beat down?” But that is what you agree to when you join a PvP server. It is in the intro when you start, they warn you when you start: “This is a PvP no hold barred server, don’t play here if you can’t hack it. You will be banned if you complain.” But I have not seen that warning on Star Legacy. I wish it was there.

Question is, can we find a middle ground? A system where PvP is fun, but the weak can have fun too.
I think it is all in what expectation you set for the players who join.

Right now, StarLegacy is a peaceful environment because of the reasons you outlined. But the expectation from StarLegacy landing page is not that. Our landing page totes COMBAT, SIEGES and NATIONS along with half a dozen other descriptors. So my expectation is PvP, live or die by your wits. Which is why I joined. I don’t play on PvE or Creative servers. And I think a lot of people are like minded and came here for two reasons, PvP and Space and Space Ships. (yes that is two reasons)

It is difficult to keep this kind of post brief, because so much background goes into the argument to validate the changes and parameters I would like to see.

Months ago I was told I was not allowed to attack players who wanted to build on my planet, because it was considered harassment to kill them more then once. I found that hilarious, considering how many times in the past I fought intruders to my base while I was still building it and was not as well prepared, and was killed a half a dozen times in a row. But I didn’t cry, I just took it on the chin and fought back as best as I could. But some players in that same situation did cry and thus “Toxicity” became a thing. The expectation was set by the Moderators that it was considered Harassment.

Maybe we need a PvP timer. Make ship combat and looting possible again and add a timer so that that same nation cannot kill the same player for a time unless he initiates of enters that nations land.

I really don’t know a good fix, but I hope it comes soon. Two things I want; PvP and a player based market system.

(eh, almost deleted this post because it is to long and pointless, but I am hoping for the best.)


@JoCube I know firsthand that that’s not the kind of toxicity he’s talking about. The kind of toxicity he’s talking about is the massive smear campaigns that happen outside of gameplay on factions which go against the republic in any way. People who had literally never met a single person in Oblivion or had likely ever even been killed by an oblivion member hated every single one of us like we had personally murdered their pet. Chat and community toxicity, not PvP harassment.

I do understand what you’re saying though, and I do think that the community of this server needs to decide if combat is a part of the game, or if this is Space Eurotrucking Simulator 2019


@Kyorg LOL “Space Eurotrucking Simulator 2019” <— That is great.

I am to old to Social Media so I was never a part of that. But I am sure Oblivion ran into me once in a while, but I embraced it. Pretty tough to ask for PvP with out enemies.


I think most of the points here have valid reasons to be discussed.

This is exactly another problem. “Pirates” are either non-existent, not pirating correctly, or are too weak to fight big ships. Anyone with much skill at all would escape a pirate with the current system. We need a better way to pirate; without it, it creates the lack of pirating and active players.

There will always be players who kill others for fun, but that isn’t that big of an issue, if it’s an issue at all. The issue here is that combat is becoming so hated that most of the server just doesn’t do it anymore. Killing for fun comes with political backlash and pirating has the same problems. Most of this problem is caused by the players, not server.

This is pretty funny and players whom I consider too lazy to want anything challenging want the server to be this way(Funnily enough they are also the ones who cry over every little death.)

Overall, most of these problems are caused by the community, not server itself.


I TOTALLY agree JoCube.
I for one am not a grinding player, I loved SL because of the fun design a ship and fight playstyle.
Sure, in Star Wars etc. there were peaceful times, but this is too far for a videogame.

I have one or two suggestions on how to alleviate the trade buzz.

  1. New weapon system, long range high damage homing missiles. Basically self explanitory, but doesn’t have to be in render distance to work. Lets say it has a range of maybe 1000 blocks. The catch would be you have to replace the blocks when it fires, and they would be big weapons. Also good for base defense or even bombarding another settlement on your planet. Note: These could NOT be mounted on a trade ship.

  2. So currently its basically impossible to steal crates because to get them, you have to blow up the enemy ship, normally blowing up crates in the process. EMP weapons or literal tractor beams would make boarding parties happen, thus removing the crew while NOT destroying the cargo. That’s how real pirates worked, they would destroy propulsion and board, normally killing crew.

  3. Pirate syndicates. Outside of nations, settlement, etc, it would be a sort of faction where all credits made with cargo being stolen get split evenly (or unevenly, your choice). These would not have to follow nation rules, basically people fed up with trade could pirate anyone (including allies) without any POLITICAL backlash. Maybe some military would be fine, but no breaking an alliance because of it. Example: One day I see on ally chat that a big shipment is going through my area. I am in a pirate union with some friends and we gang up on him. We steal the cargo after boarding him (because new weapons I suggested disabled him). Now we are wanted, but still part of a bigger nation, so we have some hope against the rich millionares on the server.

This one is strange, yes, but possible. Dont judge my whole thing by just this one.
4. Opening crates and players putting the resources into the market that get bought and sold. I’ve traded once, and I was confused that theres these resources that appeared from nowhere. I feel that people who mine should sell their resources to the market, those resources get into crates and moved, and those resources that arrive are bought from people on that planet. Also, pirates would be able to basically cut off a planet completely, thus crippling a nation. And lets say we do something to make resources more important (and make scavenging a thing), lets remove printers and such so only planets with concrete, sponge, and glass can produce ships. Buying and selling ships would become a big industry, a complete cycle.

And those are my ideas.


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