What is andromeda 7a?


What is andromeda sector 7a??? How do I get there and what is there? Do I want to go there?


Andromeda Sector 7a is basically the space gulag and/or space Hell. A player cannot get there normally, it is under complete control of the staff. You may ask to go there, or a staff may send you there unwillingly as a somewhat less severe or jokey punishment. It is full of deadly mobs, space whales, and the staff with the capacity to do so will often deliberately torture people within — all in good fun, of course. Some items (IE enderpearls) are available there that are not available anywhere else on StarLegacy, but going there is a dangerous choice…


Haha gulag that’s funny so if I wanted to I would have to ask a admin to go there. Also what’s the market like for ender pearls?


Nonexistent pretty much, nobody’s expressed a clear demand for them. Also, once you’re in 7A you probably won’t find the way out…


Oh ok so how are there ships in there then?


because of staff. they use ships to mess with people


Well, you can also print ships there but scrounging up the materials for a shipfactory let alone for a ship is tricky.


Cool well thanks for the info guys