What About Pirates


First, I wanna say that i know this has been said here before, and I understand why many people might not want this… but is still think it needs to be said.

So I think SL has lost something, which I think is vital to the experience: pirates…

Now I know that there are still a lot of pirates that play SL, but the majority of pirates have either left the game willingly, or have been banned… With the defeat of Oblivion , we lost many of the most feared pirates (ex: KingNevlo). Recently, another pirate, Ghost, was perm banned. Noix continues to pirate, but to a lesser extent. My point is, there has been a significant decrease in the number of pirates on the server.

Now I think this decrease is likely due to a loss of encouragement… Pirates benefit a lot less from pirating, than they used to… they no longer rank up, or level up as a result of pirating.

Now I propose adding some new rewards for pirating… maybe simply making it a new way of getting XP?

A better idea I thought of, is adding a new NPC at the sobrii station, who could pay you for different heads (the price could change based on the player’s level). Heads can be rewarded with XP, and money… (in order to avoid players being targeted, we could only allow a player to return the head of each player, once per week)

Or maybe we can have an NPC who can hire you to attack a specific player (based around your nation, a player who isn’t an ally or a nation member). Once this is done, you will be rewarded with XP and money, as in the above…


Sounds nice only problem is, what if you already have the head (for the first one). Now I like your first suggestion and think that maybe making heads have a age/expiry of use for money date so that per say Noix can’t use my head that he already has for rewards.


I agree also maybe make it so pirates can get Xp for killing ppl on site? And or make it so you get more money and do for doing it but it’s balanced bc it’s a two way battle, the only way to get the reward is to kill them and survive