Weapons Detector


A new multi block that needs power, it is a gate that when passes through, two glass atop will turn temporarily to emerald or redstone blocks. Emerald means the person is carrying no weapons (blaster pistol, rifle, sniper, cannon, energy sword, or thermal detonators). Redstone indicates the person is carrying one or more of these items. It will not detect primitive weapons (swords, axes, etc) unless they are enchanted. This has several uses, like if someone was trying to screen people before taking them to their preferred destination (space taxi’s) or such. It would help the server economy develop new and interesting services.


I love the idea, though instead of it being a weapon detector, it should be a metal detector. It should detect iron, gold, and diamond tools, everything you listed, and it should turn into a diamond block if the player has iron, gold, or diamonds on them.


a metal detector sounds kind of dull and pointless (no offence) but a weapon security gate would be nice, perhaps instead of just signalling weapons it could block out people who have them (I.E. a door closing upon sensing weapons). I know alot of people have issues with people holding blaster cannons and such on ships that can damage the inside of the ship by mistake, and such an entry would be usefull in such situations (so would keycard doors!!)


Good idea Emeris! Keycard doors would also be cool, and allow for more stealth style missions into bases if there was a way to stay hidden from getpos and /near.


Keycards are eexactaly what I neeeeds so I can open my hotels and condos


I think we should have all three, just for variety


You can make key cards with redstone, and a weapons detector wouldn’t be very useful.


Boi, you can make ships with redstone. You can make tons of stuff with redstone. A weapons detector would be super useful, as if you invite someone to your base, you can identify if they have weapons or not.


wow, thats a good idea, but we need weapon dedector too


You can’t make ships anywhere near as functional as the ones we have, but redstone key cards are completely functional and a plug-in would be unnecessary work


Many players won’t make redstone key cards, and this is a futuristic server. I think we should have simple Keycards like discussed, as it would make locking up the base easier, and simply would look nice.


This would be awesome for my airline service. Security has been an issue and I honestly resorted to “dump everything in this chest for a moment, switch to this cryo and let me kill you for a second”.
Also hotels and apartment buildings have been hard, keycards would be the greatest


A handheld weapons scanner would be cool as well. If it’s portable, you could bring a weapons detecter with you on a patrol mission to use whenever you have to board a suspicious individual’s vessel to check for weapons.


Maybe even a ship radar style weapons detector, where you fire a green projectile or something and if it hits a ship it tells you all of the ship weapons or something of the sort.


You can make combination locks in vanilla.