We now have a Minigames server!


A long-requested and planned addition to the server, we have added minigames!

Currently, we have one minigame, which is a mob arena minigame. There is also only one arena at the moment. You can check it out at /server minigames and /arena join Crag.

There are currently four different classes, and you can’t upgrade them, but you will be able to in the future. There will also be a rewards system where you can trade in Nuggets you get from fighting for in game rewards, such as points!

In the future we plan on adding capture-the-flag (CTF) PVP games and real-time strategy (RTS) SVS games as well.


wow really cool! could u try and incuire about svs minigames and RTS in MC? im really interested to find out what an MC RTS will look like!


if anyone has ever played SOSE (sins of a solar empire) and best space RTS ever could u try and make like a Minecraft version of that?

I am so good at SOSE rebellion and if anyone has it on steam id like u to see me rek u, I have perfect fleet movements and am great with capital ship and frigate choices, I also research strategically, bribe pirates and government officals with $$$ to my advantage and work well under pressure, a Minecraft SOSE will be great!


Leak me some stuff plz!!!


dragon, there is nothing to leak atm.