We need more Ground combat!

In SL i have noticed that MOST of the combat relies in ship battles, i want to propose bringing ground guns! just like flame throwers, mortars, shotguns, better ground defences and even railguns! i feel like this would open a new type of raid meaning ground raids. This would be a lot cooler since now you are not safe even on the ground and would make of very cool strategies! many mods like the rival rebels or even halo have this kinds of stuff its not hard to find and it would be cool! i would love to invade a space station like “on foot” just as in COD ghosts. this server is awesome and i think we can try and and always improve!

Ground combat exists. Ground raids exist. However, most of the time if you want these, you have to initiate them.

People will say and I quote “it’s not ground legacy”. Good idea think about Endor or Hoth, both ground battles at least mostly. So did several other movies in Star Wars. You can’t say that space battles are the only important thing if when you can’t take the ground, no use in the space around it.

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We NEED this! Also we need stationary mounted machine gun turrets. I also think some form of bomb chute or ASM could be added to build more of a bridge between the two. Maybe somehow add headshots and a scope on sniper? You could make it so you do like 2x damage from a headshot or something like that.

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