War Credits Gaming Concept


So I was pondering today a possible innovative way to shake things up regarding SL warfare. So as of right now you can conquer stations, chase/destroy enemy ships, declare war diplomatically, and snipe someone in there base. All of these are fun and critical to the warfare component of SL. But, what if there was a way to do more. A concept I have come up with based on experience with other servers is a thing I will call “War Credits”. The “War Credits” concept is that every medium to large settlement have two locations that can be captured. One can be captured by way of svs similar to stations and the other can only be captured by way of pvp. The player(s) that capture the settlement will then earn hourly war credits to be added to there nations bank or settlement bank. The captured settlements remain under the control of there creators but in order for the creators to continue building or to receive activity credits the settlement would have to be retaken (which should be relatively easy since the settlements citizens should be living there) When a nation conquers a territory it would be initiated by a /siege command similar to stations except that there will be no cost to initiating the siege. This option would only be available to nations at war with each other as Diplomatic stances such as Neutral, Allied would prevent the command from being initiated. Another exciting component to this could be the use of NPC troopers by both the attacker and the defender. The defender for example could pay credits to spawn in NPC soldiers around the PVP beacon to protect the beacon against enemy assault while the settlement player is offline. When the beacon is conquered by way of the attacking force occupying that area for a certain amount of time, the attacking player can then spawn in there own NPC’s to guard the beacon from being retaken from the settlements local citizens. It would also make PVP more viable if more war credits are given to a settlement/nation for conquering a settlement by way of PVP verses SVS. Both would still be viable options of conquest but the incentive for taking a city by way of PVP would be increased because it would give more war credits. This is just a theoretical gaming concept. I totally understand that there are all kinds of programming variables that I have not taken into consideration. Just thought I would throw this out there as a philosophical/theoretical gameplay concept that could be possibly integrated. Thanks for reading.


I like the idea it seems like alot of coding and work but I think it would be very beneficial. Also I personally love the SvS concept and I think that SvS should be prioritized over PvP due to the fact that this is a space game. But I do agree to see a ton of NPCs running around killing eachother with ship support to capture a beacon would be absolutely beautiful.


I like this idea as well, but I think a more beneficial option would have empty territories on planets be capturable instead of having it in people’s settlements so people can still have the bonus of those territories and have full building capabilities in their own settlements.