Walkers (ground based vehicles)


Walkers, in Star Wars we had strong, ground based vehicles some of which were slow, others large, some small and well sorta weak. For SL purposes it could have:
To have the jukebox x blocks above the ground
X amount of legs depending on size
Have a sign on bottom or top of legs (whoever makes this can decide) so legs can be noted and move on the ground
Other stuff


Just thought of this. You default need two legs, and the more your walker weighs, the more legs you need.


I wouldnt know much about how to code and program this, but I feel it would be a bit difficult factoring in several legs, the differences in block level, turning, turning the walker’s head, and many more things including power, generators, weapons and more.

Im not saying its impossible, but it seems that it would be a difficult task for the legendary Micle.


Im thinking that the legs might not need a animation, but just are there, turning the head is something i didnt think about, but wouldn’t actually be a thing for anything with more than 2 legs anyway so yeah… Turning would just take time if I were to make it. I would like to know what you mean by power generators, weapons, and more.


The main difficulty here would be making it so it can walk on anything besides a flat surface