Vortexion's ban appeal

Why were you banned?

Sinking a colorful concrete block with hurtful messages onto Crystalzzz's dreadnought

`I understand that what I did has been a horrible deed. The thought of doing it again does not phase me now. I did not mean what I wrote on those signs, that was a different me, a much more violent and toxic me.

My relationship with Crystalzzz is not the best. He has cost me my mental health with his actions before, and him joining Luxivitas and being able to attack me from where he sits- was the last straw. I snapped and, in a fit of rage, did what I did.
Star Legacy is my only escape away from my life, and it soothes me. Comforts me. I understand now that, because of that, I shouldn’t have proceeded so violently and, albeit, illegally.
I am, from the bottom of my being, sorry for what I have done. Do as you will.`

Man… that’s sad…
sad gamer noises

Sad story, not exactly a reason to get unbanned.

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