Vertical Slabs Please


Not a complicated multiblock, not a fancy new feature, I just wanna be able to place slabs vertically instead of horizontally… for the sake of ship building


Sounds like a Minecraft problem not server


Like that requires mods in Minecraft at this point or some coding if it’s possible in MC


That’s a good request for Mojang, not SL


Closest thing we got is like ladders, trapdoors, and stairs… go ask mojang because this is a good idea just not a SL thing without mods


And SL probably won’t go to mods because making it available easier is better than making more things possible especially if they are cosmetic


i think mojang, myself, and countless others dislike vertical slabs. but if mojang adds them? you can use 'em. We aren’t going to do that ourselves, especially not if it involves mods. sorry :]