Turning Mechanics (Was gunna do a pun, but I shall spare you)


Hey Everyone.

So I have mentioned my idea for this a few times on the server, and now i’m mentioning it here. So the basic idea is that to turn a ship there is a cool down. For instance, if you have a 200 block fighter and turn there is a cool down before you can turn again. Of course for something like a fighter it could turn much faster, however for something more like a large warship, you could turn but the cool down before you can turn again would be a lot longer than a fighter. So I was thinking that the cool down could be relative to the amount of blocks or mass on a ship. I don’t exactly know how the mass on the server works and to be simple I will use blocks for an example. So for every block it adds a 0.001 second to the cool down, so for a 200 block fighter your cool down is 0.2 seconds. Now that doesn’t sound like much but for everyone thousand blocks on a ship that means there is 1 second on a cool down. Which means something like a 10000 block ship would take 10 seconds to turn. Now my idea isn’t perfected by any means. But I feel like this would make using fighters against larger warships make a lot more sense, as a fighter would be a lot more mobile and can change positions a lot easier than a large warship. The Main Issue I see as i’m writing this is that crate running in large transports would be both annoying and take a lot longer (unless you use nav and hyper), but if you see any other issues or have and suggestions to make this idea better tell me.


Cruise turning is the main way for big ship svs. Basically you turn while cruising and drift into that direction. A cool down for turning would make accidentally flying out of a fight infinitely more common, thus nerfing huge ships.