Travelling Without A Ship


One of the difficult things that some players face is that they die, lose their ship on one planet, and spawn on a different one. To fix this many players have to build a new ship, buy one, or get a ride from someone. But, what if their were a way for players to travel between planets without a ship.
Well, there could be one. For those of you who are familiar with science fiction movies and tv shows, I’m proposing a Stargate-esque device. A portal in the trade city on each planet that allows players to power it with chetherite and open a portal to another planet. Portals to planets within the same system can cost a certain amount, while portals to planets in other systems can be more expensive. Another potential mechanic could be that space stations all have the gates, and during their siege hour anyone can open a portal to invade from the inside. Outside of their respective siege hours, only members of the nation that currently own the station can open portals to the station. Nations can also pay to have portals established in their own cities or settlements, but it would be an expensive creation.
Let me know what you think in the comments.


And the chetherite payment required would correlate with the level of the player using the portal, so as to not charge new players a ton for usage but also to make the higher level players not be able to hop anywhere they want anytime.


This would be cool but it would have to use a lot of Cetherite and you should not be able to transport crates or ships for reasons of it being OP it cold be great tho


The #1 selling point of SL is that there are working spaceships and planets in vanilla Minecraft. If spaceships became somewhat obsolete and pointless except for trade runs, it would severely damage the community/playerbase as far as I can see. New players also will not have massive amounts of cheth if they don’t even have a spaceship.


if anything there might be certain places you can go to via scheduled npc shuttles


I think what micle said would be helpful, Like if a shuttle that travelled from a spawn, to another spawn. Or something like that may help people. It would have you drop your crates upon entering just like a normal ship as well.


It could be a good method of combat, interesting but would still be cool if there was a way to “blackmarket” a ticket. or just sneak aboard illegally


the SHutles culd be in the osts that are arround the planet. besides this, you would have to pay the pilot 50c in order to go back to the space station or other planets. it woukd be nice if it worked like a teleport just how the shutle in the begining of the tutorial does it. the list of where you could go would be like the menu on the bazaar where you can select a planet on your current system and also the space station and besides this it would get you to the osts like i mentioned erlier.


The shuttle system has been programmed and tested for a while, it’s just that they haven’t been set up in game yet