Trade Stations!

Pretty basic, essentially making it so space stations can work like settlements and be turned into trade cities/stations should they meet certain qualifications. These could be the same as settlement requirements for becoming a trade city, or could be modified to be more fitting of a station. This could also lead to space stations being home settlements for people. So, for example, instead of me owning/being a member of Hardhome, like I currently am, I could own/be a member of Tycho Station.

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Nice Idea. Im pretty sure I suggested this a while back but whatever. Hopefully somebody high up listens to this idea.

I semi-agree. Trade stations in space, logically, don’t make sense in a world like StarLegacy unless these routes are nerfed since they would usually be much quicker to run than planetary routes. Stations being considered settlements at some point would be great!

Settlements in space instead of just outposts would be neat. That way a nation has a path to live in space, at least partially, if settling on other planets isn’t a viable option. Trade stations don’t make sense, didn’t we just get rid of those?

I would enjoy space stations being able to be made into settlements, but they should also be available for nation claims too.

Nation claims don’t have anyone officially in them however you could say the same for stations but I propose we make settlement stations which are just settlements in space. Then space stations could be nation claims in space.