Trade City Requirments


What exactly are the requirements for trade cities? I know it has to have a cityscape, money, landing and docking areas, active players, and a building for the trade part, but what are the actual requirements? Like do you need to make the land flat or can you build around it? Do you need to use certain types of materials with your buildings? Anything I missed?


[X] 5 active members
[X] C25,000
[X] Landing Area(s)
[X] Docking Area(s)
[X] Trade Center Building
[X] Sufficient cityscape

These are the basics. For “Sufficient”, look at Virtius which is probably the smallest you can get with a city. As of materials, make sure they are what you would think would be found in a city.


Yes I mentioned those in beginning, I mean for other things I asked. Also can i use solar panels like on the ground?


Also I feel like just making the application portion of forum have the requirements listed would be useful…


I didn’t design the requirements. I would say ask either @MicleBrick, @Emeris4017, or one of the builders for more information.


the requirements are shown when you make a new post


(Now) Ok I’m just asking if per say I could use sandstone buildings on harenum or some resource that is common on the planet for buildings?


Xarulok implied this, but if you envision a sandstone city on a desert planet, go for it!