Tractorbeam's actually done accurately?


Since the removal of pulsing opponents can get away with ease with good odds of surviving, but what if we had tractor-beams accurate to it’s definition “(in science fiction) a hypothetical beam of energy that can be used to move objects such as spaceships or hold them stationary.” Although with this ability there has to be a sacrifice(balance reasons)with one of your vessel’s primary functions that makes it vulnerable. For example when tractor-beam is engaged both ships are immobile. Also there can be a practical use for this multi-block for civilian use like moving asteroids, towing vessels, and etc. Therefore, I believe this would make a fine addition for everyone to enjoy.


Yes please, I like the main idea but it needs some more thinking :wink:


I agree but it should just consume a lot of power not stop the ship using, lower power means less engines able to be use means less speed. Maybe also no weapon usage while using the beam


If a pirates ship is like one faster than a civilians ship, there will just go right within range of the civilian and freeze them. Maybe it should be that the ship using the tractor beam has it’s power set to around 15% normal, and the fleeing ship will have full power (or possibly more, absorbing power from the beam…?)