Thoughts on Removing Credit Printing(CIVIL DEBATE AND IDEA THREAD)


Viable maybe for ships like starfighters and corvettes, much larger than that and it becomes a destructive slow drag, where players with schematic mods just afk for hours while those without spend mind-numbing eons building a dreadnought block by block.


Yes but this makes blueprints not being drawn instead built first. Blueprints are drawings not built things


In all honesty, how about we just increase the cost of credit printing? That way newer players can credit print their small ships, but people who print massive ships will be compelled to search for the materials.


Credit printing is perfectly balanced as it is. Even if you mostly material-print something, credit printing even the tiny bits that are difficult to get can drain your budget fast. There’s already a completely natural incentive not to do it or to at least limit it.

Also, did you guys know that Syre is fully claimed? Well, I guess there’s no relatively abundant source of diamonds anymore. Copper is also going to be a lot less common. Have fun making enough solar panels to power your base without credit printing. Have fun making even a tiny array after days of grinding on Orcus. Enjoy depleting your settlement’s fuel resources through mining and then running out of power.

“But we could just add a mining planet!”
As nice as a resettable mining planet sounds, how long will it be until that idea actually comes into fruition? If you remove credit printing, you’re going to be waiting for a new planet for possibly several months, or even a year. You would grind the server to a complete halt; If there are no resources to build ships and bases, there will be no ships and bases except ones so small and limited that they literally serve no purpose other than ferrying a single person somewhere or sheltering yourself from bad weather. Also note that “bad weather” does not include base raids or nukings.


All of Netherman’s points make complete sense…