Thoughts on Removing Credit Printing(CIVIL DEBATE AND IDEA THREAD)


So as most of you know, recently the idea of removing credit printing has been brought up. Now I’m going to present what I’ve seen, the pros and cons and my ideas on how to balance it. I ask that you leave your opinions and ideas here. Please keep it civil as I know this is a rough topic.

So what will we do if credit printing is removed? First, as known, most materials can be made via material printers and a simple starship drill cobblestone generator.That gives you glass, carbyne, hardened clay, and sponge at the cost of time and power. There are planets made for mining that will allow you to obtain what valuable resources you need to complete it. This will also increase the market for these materials, as they have been amassing into a heavy abundance over the course of the server. Other planets, such as Arbusto, can provide you with the string needed for dispensers. You can even decompose shipwrecks and unused ships to make new ships. Ive done that more often than credit printing and I can say that it does work. A majority of what goes into this just comes down to the player not being lazy.

Now I know some cons you will point out.
“What if the server runs low on valuable resources?” Well, that wont happen soon but I can think of some solutions! If this does happen we could set up events that give rewards. Special crate missions and rewards for capping stations could fix this. Perhaps even a re-settable mining planet with harsh conditions and and only gp shovel claims.
“What will I do with all my potential amassed credits?” You can still use those credits to purchase materials from the new market this will create. This change could even develop a market for those who amass materials to print for others.
“It takes so long/so much effort to get more resources. I don’t like this.” …I don’t know what to say other than to maybe leave your base for once and get grinding. Not all good things are instant, I’m afraid. Power takes time.

So these are my thoughts. I’m open for opinions and I will respond as I can. Just please keep it civil. :grinning:



Well, my idea on improving this is mayhaps so credit printing only encompasses things that can’t be printed with printers such as concrete, sponge etc.?


Personally, I dislike the idea of removing credit printing. All this will do is make printing ships tedious, not make people go out and collect resources. This is because of the bazaar. Players will still be able to buy their ship building materials at the bazaar, meaning they just manually have to enter them into a shipfactory.


An agreeable compromise, to which most online were satisfied with, would be to only remove generatable items from credit printing. Additionally, credit printing would be slower compared to printing with materials.


I personally like your response best and id even take it further to expand it to farmables(dispensers and such). However with valubals im still debating.


Ok just gonna say my one problem with this: you could end up having to go to 2 or even 3 other systems just to get resources, if you don’t feel like buying from someone, such as if a enemy or enemies ally was selling it and nobody else was. Also if you are trying to make a ship to grind for resources, and then you are missing and it falls into the above scenario too, then you have to grind or ask if some nation member can help. My main problem with grinding, or what used to be, was that I didn’t have a mining ship. Mining by hand takes long and you have to throw your drill in a charger wasting more time.
You bring good points and I can’t really argue with most of them. One thing is, to get resources you need resources so if you were to lose your power pickaxe and can’t do /kit starter you would need to ask nation members, buy one, or wait x amount of time.
Guess I had 2 things… also both involved a nation solution, but one required a nation to happen meaning nations are good for help, but bad in the case of a trade embargo.


To make material printing more bearable, I’d suggest:

  • Lowering remote purchase upcharge to 50%
    This is because flying all the way to other systems just to get ship materials is boring and wastes time.
  • Changing dispenser recipe to not require bows
    A laser cannon needing a medieval weapon to work doesn’t make sense and it would be annoying to hunt mobs to have to make a basic ship component; it should be made from minerals.
  • Making iron trapdoor recipe yield more trapdoors (Or making a multiblock that makes them or making them printable with slabs)
    Lots of people use iron trapdoors like slabs on their ship; 4 iron is too much when you can get the equivalent for half a stone block.


I definitely agree with this seeing as I have only gotten bows from combining 2 blaster pistols, and how doubling remote purchase seems unrealistic as irl companies even have free shipping for x amount purchased. Maybe x amount shipping set by settlement? Idk but if that happens, maybe also a short wait for items and even settlement designed shipping vessels, and maybe even possibly pirating of these is possible. Basically shipping with x cost that is decided by settlement, takes time, and possibly can be pirated.


I don’t like the idea. I think it would cause far more harm than good, though the proposed compromise of only axing printable materials from credit printing lessens this. Here are all the reasons why:
1. Limited uses for credits
Credits can enter the economy in a few ways, with more to come. The most obvious is craterunning, which can, with large ships, produce many thousands of credits per run. If money can enter the server from thin air, it needs to be able to exit the server into thin air. There are already as-is fewer ways to do this, but the most notable is credit printing. If credit printing were removed, the player -> server transfer of credits would decrease drastically. Advancements are a limited use; once they are bought out by a given player, credits cannot go there anymore. Station sieges use very few credits. This will increase the number of credits on the server rapidly.
2. Economic bubbles
Currently, credit printing keeps the prices on most all printable blocks chained below a certain value. After all, were prices to rise above that level, why buy them from players at all? One can just print the blocks and mine them. If credit printing were removed, entirely or even just for a few blocks, any blocks removed from credit printing would no longer be chained down. This would, inevitably, lead to price increases across the market as sellers slowly edge their way up and compete more closely with one another. Even if a goodhearted individual were to sell their stock at a price well below the rising market price, they would likely be bought out by a rich person and have their stock resold at market price.
3. It harms the poor
StarLegacy’s economic curve is already massive. Some players have less than 1000c, others have well over 1000000. Credit printing currently serves as something of an equalizer, materials-wise. It is a baseline that even poorer players can afford. With its removal, the rich, who have more means to generate materials and more money with which to buy them, would dominate the market. Someone with 1000c to their name would need to buy the rich’s materials just to get off the ground, literally and figuratively (not being able to leave your planet is not conducive to good finances). This scenario could go one of two ways. If the economy ends up such that the poor are trapped in their poverty and market prices become so unattainable that bazaars become nothing more than trade between the super-rich, economic divides would increase and hermiting would become common. If the economy is in a “better” position where the poor can “pick themselves up by their bootstraps”, as it were, and produce their own materials, it would lead to pocket economies as those who do not have any materials to spare use all they have, and those who do have materials to spare find little buyership as everyone produces their own materials.
4. Inflation
The first and second reasons listed above combine to produce inflation. With few means to destroy credits, many means to gain them, and prices skyrocketing, the value of the credit would go down. Some might say that this is genuine and fascinating economics, and though I am inclined to agree, it is still harmful and not what StarLegacy is about.
5. Grinding
This one I cannot back up with facts. It is an opinion - StarLegacy is grindy enough as-is, and requiring players to zip about their bases, planets, and space itself just to build a ship is foolish and annoying. Players do not tend to like grinding much. It could chase off players.


I really like this idea. it makes it so you dont have to fly 70k blocks just for a flowerpot for ur ship.


Sure. I don’t use credit printing. Also I tend to accidentally credit print. Remove it pls xD


I think a good compromise to this is removing printing of ships built in creative, but have never been on survival. making so people have to build the ships first in survival (with the use of schematica/litematica most likely). that way you get the fun of the ship building, and it makes you feel like you’ve earned it more when you built something by hand. then after that you could blueprint it and either credit print or block print it.


I think that is a very good idea, its encourage people, to do actual work and it increases the value of ships and goods.
Maybe with this change there will be finaly some sort of real trade.
But as stated before i see a problem with the current way to produce money becaue without a way to remove it from the system we will get a great inflation pretty soon.
So we need other ways to spent money.


No just no. Printing makes sense if you look at creative like a drawing board. You draw the blueprint, then print it out. Also what is schemetica or litematica? I can’t use it if I don’t know what it is and honestly wouldn’t have cared if you didn’t mention it.


Well the post is not about removing printing of ships, but to remove credit printing, so you can still print the ships you designed on the creative server but you have to have all the blocks the ships are made of, you cant print them by using money.


I was replying to NevLo


I like the concept but I have some concerns. There will be settlements/nations that will claim a monopoly on planets with desirable resources, they will then either keep it to themselves or sell it for insane prices. Also credit printing is just really convenient, you don’t need to worry about resource gathering just straight enjoyable building.


To be honest, removing credit printing would ruin the game for new players. New players don’t have the time or money to buy in bulk in bazaars to make their ships, and they often creditprint to save time/money. I think if credit printing is removed that would greatly stop noobs from coming and after a week ago deciding that this is the server they love. Please don’t remove this! :slight_smile:


I think that removing credit printing would destroy the game especially for new players, the grind is allready years to get money and levels while the moment that you get to lvl 7 you can’t get levels or money as you are constantly being slaughtered! This is why I don’t play, I’m lvl 6 and I’m not going to level up cause it takes too long and once I do I am going to die to pirates all the time!


Im not saying removing printing all together, im saying not having blueprints be cross-server (creative to survival).
so if you want to mass produce a ship, you need to hand build one by hand first. (with the assistance of schematica or litematic, which are mods that are allowed on the server, that you can easily google btw). After that you could print the ship to your hearts content.