Thing about entering 10D

So I hear you cant enter without a big ship because its a wormhole thing. I have another idea: You can enter with a ship of somewhere around 1/8 the size of min or greater, but it its under the min size, your ship reduced to 1/10 its size or less than that. And if its a Fighter or Corvette it eats the ship and you (but also warns you before you try) and at the other end people can gather small parts from each ship that didn’t make it, or a few parts of what was eaten on smaller than (min size) ships. Also if its 250 blocks or less it would probably just be gone… reduced to atoms. Also possibly making it so the wormhole always eats a bit from a ship, and it scatters it around the other end. Then both ends could become useful for salvaging so that there becomes a race to collect new salvage for people who arent rich. (also no claiming the wormhole on either end because like thats a annoying move, and only is good if the area the wormhole goes to isn’t good to mine in (7a).

fake news it does not warn you