Thermal Vision (Power Module)


This is the last suggestion, I swear. This would be a Module that goes on the helmet which allows you to see other players through walls (I think it’s called the glowing effect, but I have no idea) this would only be visible by people with a power helmet on using said Module, otherwise they would have to search manually using /getpos and /near. It has many uses, like seeing people hiding underground. It may be harder to implement, but it would be useful and give you another excuse to feed to colonists screaming about how pirates can sneak up on them and kill them. It takes 30 seconds to activate upon being equipped (so no switching environmental and thermal vision quickly to locate an enemy).


Sounds cool but I think how wee would implement it is landing thee (i forgot thee name of thee potion effect) but it is given by the spectral arrow and do think it would be cool, however it would receive a huge power drain ands a body cooling device to counter it to be balanced


I can agree with the power drain, but a body cooling device is a bit extreme. It could run through power in about 10k a minute, meaning it can only be used for 5 minutes or so of continual usage. It would be the type of item you throw on right outside their base, and then swap to a normal helmet once it’s out of power.


We can already seeee nametags through walls and far away so it will be useless unless micle changes it


Name tags can be eliminated by shifting, and I know I commonly see people shifting inside their bases which makes it difficult for me to find them in a short amount of time.


no need to stop making suggestions, even if they don’t get accepted :smiley: