The Warfare Event

     So I just had this idea after yesterday when Oblivion went on a Station capture spree. What if a new event were to be added that only occurs once month or week (more on that in a sec) but during the active period of this event all claims, settlements, and any areas you cant build/destroy because someone owns it is disabled. (except stations of course, that way because people wont just grief them) I also feel if this were to be implemented that maybe ship locks were to be disabled during this event as the whole point is to make nothing safe during the event.

    Now this idea, of course has some issues. The biggest and most obvious is that this event would be a dream for griefers. People would be less interested in fighting enemy bases and more on just destroying as many blocks as possible. Maybe a solve for this is that people can only destroy a certain limit of blocks? Any suggestions to help solve this issue would be great! Now as I mentioned enemy bases, there are two main reasons I think this event should be added. Number one is that sometimes factions get lots of supplies and own lots of area and since at least one person can be active and the settlement wont disappear I feel like this event could help spread supplies across factions and players. This event will also keep players on their toes as when this event comes around they could be raided at any time, and damage done could be a lot more severe then normal raids. As people could steal ships loot warehouses and more.

   Now, as I mentioned in my second sentence, is how often it happens. This is a hard one because if you make it too often players might just get annoyed and it no longer becomes fun raids, do it to little and you may as well just not add it. My personal idea for how often it occurs is:

One: every week on maybe Saturday so people can get on for a few hours, so there is time every week for a little while.
Two: This one is a bit more of a stretch but maybe for a entire day every month, again, between these two I like the first one better, but better to display the options.

  Now this is just the basic idea of the event, if anyone likes the idea or has ideas for it leave a comment below, but, catch ya all later.

-Red Travels

PS: It could be called warfare event but still need a official name :stuck_out_tongue:


Claim protection exists for a reason, and making loopholes for this just defeats the point. A grief-enabled period would lead to a lot of salt and griefing.


But just having factions holding the same area for as long as they can with no real raids gets boring.
Again one of the main reasons for this to exist is for people to raid and take resources to spread supplies via combat. It would also make raids more rewarding.


This honestly is just a way to raid the more inactive settlements and quite obvious at that. People arnt going to fight they are just going to go to an uncontested base and greif.


Alright I got an idea from a different server, what if there WAS a player online, you could do something like /contest and it would enable a fight between 2 players, when the defending dies, the enemy gets access to chests and levers for about 2 minutes, so that there is a way to actually do something?


Although I would most likely be the victim, I like this idea of chest vulnerability upon settlement member death. Come raid my base Brah! (Whistles for his dog.):bone:
The only problem I have with this would be the few players that glitch to their Hyperspace bases. (Something I don’t even know how to do. If it still exists?)


doesn’t “really” exist but darzen did it once. not worth since it would be too hard to get in and out of it