The Quest For The Stones


I know this place is Star Wars themed


In the Spirit of Endgame…

I suggest we add the Infinity Stones. Each one can have different powers/abilities. All six can work together to do something, idk yet. Just a thought. Hide them across the sector, make them difficult to acquire, make it fun!\

IDK Just An Idea!


Power stone: Left click to fire turret shot, hold in offhand for +100% melee damage
Space stone: Right click to open the planet choosing menu
Reality stone: Right click to place any block you want either in the location you’re looking or at your feet (1h cooldown)
Soul stone: Right click to be teleported to an empty world that nobody else can access (IE safety)
Time stone: Right click for bonemeal effect (does not consume), left click to [don’t have an idea but the Time stone should be for more than growing plants]
Mind stone: Force any player to run any command (excludes staff, 1h cooldown)