The Orca Transport (cargo)


Noty Shipyards proudly present you the Orca, meant for 100% efficient cargo runs.

Featuring 29 crates capability (maximum for transport), tier 2 hyperdrive, Advanced navigation computer, tractor beam.

The orca is fast and reaches speeds of 27 bps and 2.08 acceleration (able to add more bps for less acc and the other way arround).

But if the enemy does manage to get to you, the Orca can defend itself! With intelligent shielding (5 differents shields) and armor this ship will wistand a lot of damage.

What about weapons you may ask? It is equipped with 2 heavy turrets capable of firing at 360° as well as 6 anti personnal turrets!

This ship blueprit will be yours for the ridiculously low price of 8500 credits, I’m looking at you level 12 to 24!


OBV has a transport named Orca, my fella


Wont change the name anyway :p.