The Game is Missing something!


We Need More Objectives Maybe even Quest Or Just something to keep the Player busy
Something Other Than Trading To Get Money Maybe More Meteorites in space and Ore Depots
In Random Locations ? Maybe even NPC’s I’m Desperate to see some change , Something interesting , Exiting and New. I’ll Leave the ideas to you but this game seriously needs change !


I vote server reset! (Sits back and waits for the cries)


Server defenetly needs more ways to get xp but you have to create stories, war, alliances, rp, thats the whole point of SL.

  • adding features is a lot of work and I’m almost sure Micle works alone on the server soooo yeah, gotta be patient but he listens and only want the best for the server, if you dont like it, take a break from the server and come back later, I had a sl burnout about 5 months ago, took a 4 months break and now i’m back with more ideas than I know what to do with!


The game is missing fair war. You can’t fight someone at the moment without having armies upon armies bombard you. SL is supposed to be a server of war and peace. With huge alliances like the republic, one can not wage a simple small war.

The server will have much more to it when these mass alliances fall, because everything collapses at some point.