Terraforming (Let’s make harenum not deadly)

Basically, changes to the planets majority, slowly change the planet in total, to per say, have less carbon dioxide, or if we throw ice on harenum, maybe lakes rivers and a cooler planet. Anything else you wanna add to this idea you can, it’s late so I didn’t come up with much.

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Add on: maybe use carbon dioxide canisters on Koryza Syre and Orcus, + heat to make it warmer.

I like the idea of terraforming. People said no to it before, but just make it really hard.
As in, no single nation can bring in a “global warming machine” and make the planet horrible in a week. As in, this should take an EXTREMELY long time (a year, very minimum) to make a noticeable change.

Why don’t they just add in the ability to make a hab bubble

You can already do terraforming of some sort. Nothing stops you from importing dirt and covering an area with a giant glass shield.

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I think that this would make it a great addition to this server. Lets say you have this massive base, you need to make it eco friendly too making it harder for massive construction plants to be made. This would also add an element of war, GLOBAL DESTRUCTION, though you would need a LOT of items to do it but if done undetected then it will make it a great surprise.

Welcome to the community and nice idea