Tardis' Ban Apeal


I plead innocent.

Why I was banned:
I was banned for killing noobs. Night (something) was settling 2k from my station in land I considered (not officially) to be mine. I flew over to him, asked him to leave in messages twice, once in /l, and when he didn’t, I asked Cathryn. Cath said that she was thinking and then I told her that the dummy was about to despawn (he had logged), and she said, “um”. I said in 5 seconds unless you say “NO” I will take the shot, and so I did, with her saying no two-or-three seconds after I had killed the dummy.

Why I deserve to be unbanned:
I know SL is different from the US, in that staff don’t practice case-law, but I have found a similar case that I think should help push me towards an unban. A few weeks ago, my member Azrael_Ravenhill (spelling may be off) was killed at level 4 by Noix. Staff said that he was a member of a pirate group and thus (despite his never engaging in combat) he was a pirate. They said Noix was right, and I was wrong, and Noix got off scot-free. Noix’s settlement is a pirate group too, so therefore Night(something) is a pirate, and has no protection. In the future, despite all of this, I will wait until I have received a definite “yes” or “no” before taking the shot, even if it means losing the opportunity. Staff, I apologize for the inconvenience of having to read this, and I hope you will have mercy on those who deserve it. Thank you, Tardis (AKA xxCalamity)


Cathryn clearly said no, and you shouldn’t have done anything until she answered. The rules are very clear on that.

As for the US law example, that’s not a good reason at all to be unbanned. Besides, it’s only 6 hours.

  1. You should not make such irrational decision within such a short time frame of 5 seconds.

  2. You should have claimed the land either through a gold shovel or the territory claim.

  3. If he logged, he was no longer stealing/settling whatever you meant, and you could have settled this diplomatically when he logged back on.

  4. Noix is part a pirate group, but they are under republic rule, so they are not free-spirit pirates, with tons of enemies and wandering all about with their own agenda.

  5. Punishments are under staff discretion, so unless you case is flawless, and you have PROOF the you did NOTHING wrong, then other staff are not likely to unban you because of the slightly complicated situation.

  6. I do personally disagree the people should be able to kill noob “pirates”(Pirates in training?) until that pirate attacks, aggressively provokes, or toxically instigates a fight. I think it is quite a dumb case that Noix got off scot free, UNLESS Az did provoke or attack.

  7. As a conclusion, I believe that you deserve the temp ban because your decision were still irrational and led to the death of someone who was just trying to settle, and there are other ways to get someone off of your property than killing, you could have offered them money, could’ve threatened all-out war, you could given them a suggestion for a good territory to settle at. All-in-all my verdict is that you are guilty of the crime you are charged with.


She didn’t have to say no because you know what said no for her? The rules.


I more of said no a second before you fired


Not that this matters but Noix tried to figure out a way to legally kill me at level 6 once. Irrelevant granted Noix’s current status in the AR so yeah…


The AR doesn’t make you immune to staff punishments if that’s what you’re thinking.


Not what I’m saying, now Noix is more restricted on who he can kill and isn’t as annoying it seems