Tanks (Vehicle)

I thought of this based off the idea of speeders. The speeder would be fast and small, and restricted to in planet, and the tank, also restricted to in a planet for traveling, would be slower, but also be able to be bigger. My thought is a strong vehicle that would be like 75-300, 100-300 or some other small-ish size. This would probably have higher power than a fighter, or have some other advantage, like maybe it automatically has armor, or some other idea. I thought of this as the idea of speeders (from Speeders Revised by Aid711) is 5-50 blocks, and having more than one in-planet vehicle would be cool.

This should just be a version of the speeders from my Speeders: Revised post with more power and no storage capability i say.

I mean also bigger though, not much but bigger. Also I did mention how it was really based off the speeder idea you had

Yee i was suggesting it’s the same with more power though instead of a few extra

Why don’t ya’ll just make a small ship meant for ground combat and just hover near the ground
We already have pretty much everything you need for a hovertank, and a pretty powerful one too