SvS changes ideas


SvS in small ships is always the same
Rapid turning 360’s firing shots and stuff. If it’s a small ship vs a bigger ship, the fighter will simply glue itself to the side of the big ship and fire away, often stopping the movement of the bigger ship. I’m suggesting that directly hitting a block causes 5-10 damage on your shield for every 0.5-1 seconds you spend atouchong the block and an whatever speed you colider with the object (your current /DC selection or current cruise speed) that damage number is removed from the Shields. Not only that but ships with at least 3 times the mass should be able to “push” smaller ships (the ones with 1/3rd the mass) by either sending them backwards 20 blocks and setting a breif reverse cruise. This way small ship svs can be more like Star Wars and a single fighter can’t cripple a big ship. Thoughts on this wacky suggestion?

PS corvettes could have a big bonus to their resistance of damage from collisions because corvettes are often ships used in ramming or stuff or whatever idk rogue one scene


I agree, but I don’t think it should hurt just the one ships shields, I think it should do equal damage but also send the smaller ship back if the bigger one moves, another idea is you could kamikaze you ship onto theirs let yours blow up and do a good amount of damage to the shields by your ship exploding, this allows for a new type of ship pvp where ppl can use mini fighters to attack big ships by blowing up on them, like other ship battles in games and movies.


I like this idea and I think Aru might be working on something like it already. Although 10 damage every second is a bit much. It should have an impact damage thats alot then slowly creeping at a low amount every half a second or so