Surface-to-Air Missile Defence System


S.A.M. Systems

Maybe create a new base defence system. It would be pricey, but would also be great for defence. The parts would be wired together with redstone, or some sort of ‘data cable’.

Sensors–these have a range of 200-300 blocks and detect ships being piloted by enemies nearby. They consume a fair amount of power and there can be more than one per set-up, but again, they use power. Perhaps a limit of four or so.

SAMs–these use 3k power per shot and have a cool down of 15 seconds each. They deal extreme damage, with a range of 300 blocks each. There can be a couple of these per set-up and can only fire at ships which sensors have detected–and are in range of both the sensors and SAM.

Core Computers–This is what controls everything. It consumes a moderate amount of power and is rather expensive. There could be different tiers, each with different limits for how many parts per set-up maybe. By right-clicking the sign it would open a GUI allowing you to turn it on and off, set whitelists (for players).

Again, these would have to be wired together with some sort of cable to work. If a part or section of wire blows up, the system wouldn’t work anymore unless there are backup cables/parts. Basically, there needs to be at least one of each part to keep working–an exception is the core computer, which, if destroyed, renders the system useless no matter what. It would be ideal to guard said computer.


Ground Battle Uptade Part #1

I love the idea, though it’s priority wouldn’t be very high. Though one thing I don’t like about SAMs is that they do tons of damage, I think their radius should be shrunk and their damage should too, just to balance things.


That’d be so cool for underground war bunkers. also data cables could used for lots of things. so i support you!


Micle, we all know your coding skills, and the server needs more juicy weapons, so why not just add this?


Maybe you should simplify the idea and make it more in-line with other multiblocks? Like, have the whole thing be one multiblock instead of several?


nah, i like the idea of “wire block”


Add flares too for a counter


I agree, would love to see this in game at point.


I think, in some form, this will definitely be added. I’m not sure if it’ll be exactly like how it’s described here, though - it’d hopefully be pretty simple to set up and use.