Suggestions for SL


You can suggest ideas and other things that we could add or enforce into rules, Make sure to have pg ideas, some of your ideas could be added into the server!


Why would there be one topic for this, if anything we should make a category


u kill every ting i duz


More textures for different types of blocks like stone, wood and planks, end stone, obsidian. These blocks are common both in asteroids and planets. And maybe a wiki update would be astounding.


The wiki is a public wiki, it’s up to whoever wants to to sign up and update it :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: but we do have plans to redo the wiki so it’s integrated with our new website, better organized from the start, and easier for people to edit.


Having a staff team work on it would be efficient too, because no one is willing to update the wiki from what I see. I would love to update it, but I am a new player and I barely know anything. Looking forward to the re-done wiki too.


I think you misunderstand how the staff team works. It’s also just a group of volunteers who were chosen to be moderators.


I’m closing this topic because we have a suggestions category, please use that.