Stun Cannon (or similar armament)


So in Star Wars we had the RX-200 which had a stun cannon, and the SPHAT with its powerful gun which looked similar and if we get tanks (mentioned twice including in Specialized ships) or walkers, these could be a strong weapon that is specific to this class. It would make more reasons to use them on ground (or in a carrier) as this could probably do a lot of damage. I would like to know anyone’s opinions on this (that aren’t just this is bad with no reasons).


uh, could you elaborate a bit more on how it would work? is it like an EMP or something?

might be cool, but i dont have enough info to work with here kek


I will try to look at how it works in Star Wars then tell you… sorry


Ok so I would say it would disable shields and if fired enough even be able to disable other systems on a ship like weapons and thrusters. Other than that I’m open to other suggestions.


Also for the other thing (SPHAT gun) it could be high power using weapon with long range and damage. Maybe even ability to set coordinates to fire at. Again open to suggestions.


I think the SPHAT gun could be cool, especially if used for attacking bases!
As for the other gun, disabling shields might be a bit too OP. Perhaps if it just stopped the regen of the shields for a bit? Also disabling weapons could work, would also make weapon dispersal more important in ship designing. I’m not sure if it would work with thrusters (as I think the code just counts them all?) But it ciuld still be very useful.


Ok got it. Potentially with enough shots temporarily disable nearest shield to impact? For the stun cannon of course.


Idea for name for the SPHAT cannon: heavy artillery (some word potentially cannon)


I think this is a great idea personally!
I remember seeing in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back, as the rebels were fleeing Hoth, they had an ion cannon which had a similar use! It shot at the destroyers which temporarily disabled them, freeing the rebel transports to escape! Maybe we could see a version of this for Base use?