Strafing in Direct Control


A nice feature to add to /dc would be if the v & b keys would change the ships facing, But not flight direction, to add the ability to pass by a target and fire at it.

Or maybe the usual right and left keys turned the ship, but until you hit the forward key (and change down and up to other keys) the ship wouldn’t start in that direction. While if you used the back key the ship would pull one block backwards while still traveling in it’s set directions, this could also double as a slow down key.

This feature would make it so that a ship would not have to have side facing weapons to be effective in combat. A big plus for small fighters.


I agree we should have strafe (I know thats spelled wrong) but that epuld be awesome


that’s not possible, you can’t just add keybinds


You can have broadside weapons …


Micle, make it so that dropping the clock item makes different flight modes.


dropping clock already means turn right


A and D go left and right, I put broadside cannons on my starfighter, I do strafe, that’s why everyone dies to a good fighter pilot