Stop treating me this way


I know everyone might be thinking that this would be very dumb, or stupid. What you all need to realise is that Toxcicity is a disease. It feeds on people, but all of you are creating it, I wouldn’t actually get HALF of my bans if people stopped treating me as a god damn idiot? I just like to pirate, what’s wrong with that? Everyone literally sais “ew don’t join Silver” or something, ahem YODABIRD, and you know what, let the guy decide. Yoda, if you’re reading this then take a hint. If people didn’t do things to infuriate other people, then perhaps toxcicity wouldn’t actually exist. You see I am very fine with dying on sl, due to other people. I got attacked by jurulk at my asteroid base before and I was helpless. Did I complain? Nope. When I do complain like now it;s because everyone treats me like an idiot or garbage. If everyone just didn’t show me as a monster maybe I’d finally be a good player of SL who wasn’t hated, and maybe people might get along with me, but all I see are people ignoring me, not thinking that I can be like any of you. Goodbye


I will always appreciate and honor you ghost.


I think you have a point in that you’re treated as something of a toxic outcast and that does in a way contribute to the problem, but you’ve shown time and again that you don’t change and this is a hole you’ve dug yourself into. You still do things that only strengthen people’s negative perceptions of you. You regularly break rules, act salty, etc. I think the only way out is to act like a decent person.


Have I been salty recently? Not really. It’s more or less of other people Micle. only you wouldn’t realize that, I haven’t been banned for toxicity for a while. Why? Because people aren’t trying to make me toxic. And you know what? Because of people treating me badly I am displayed as someone who breaks rules when something could be accidental, for example my ship breaking down from a bug. which did happen but instead you kicked me for trying to trick Jeff. I do try to act like a decent person, and an honest one, but because of the image people like goldhawk2 created of me, it’s spread to everyone else. It becomes a normality, maybe if you want to see how I’m like Micle, try talking to me in any conversation or even try to be friends with me. That will show you everything.


half the rules I’ve broken by the way aren’t real, like when I “exploited” ships lock. remember? Well guess what that didn’t happen, it was just a regular lock glitch, and I wouldn’t even be able to tell if a ship is locked or not. So stop punishing me for things I didn’t do, you know how I exploited epics ship like 2 days ago? I didn’t exploit it, epic did it to himself, I only used it, if you couldn’t tell it’s because epic killed my bridge, and kept trying to ram it while I was in cruise, so his ship made holes if I successfully cruised. You deleted 2 of my cruisers for no reason, because you still probably knew it was just a glitch and not something I could tell was happening, the locks would just deactivate so how could I tell? You’re asking me to stop being a pirate temporarily. so stop giving me that when you talk about my bans when half of them are either chat-related or just completely fake


HAHAHA I’m pretty sure you would rage almost every time I killed you there.

Not that I know of, but you have a LONG history of salt.

People don’t try to make you toxic. You do it by yourself.

Chat bans are still bans. And I doubt half of them were fake.


Hello! Am admin.
When players get punished by staff for breaking a rule, they already got punished by staff. It’s ok to, maybe put a bounty on them or something, but when you continue to actively hate someone for a long period after, that’s pretty toxic. So maybe your personalities clash, or you get annoyed, just separate yourself!
Although I’m not entirely informed on this current issue, to my understanding jrwings was muted because he was being toxic towards K. This is gonna continue, and get more strict too. Let the staff do the punishments, and learn to forgive people in an online video game.


Perhaps if you proceed to act in a non toxic manner, as you say you have been, you’ll gain more respect, there’s literally no reason to complain about people seeing you as a bad person whether it’s staff or players. This is who you’ve made yourself. Not who the server made you. The community’s reaction to your toxicity may have assisted in making you worse, but you could’ve dealt with that instead of becoming more toxic, and becoming the somewhat outcast player you are now. People will gain respect for you if you act in a respectful manner to them, perhaps if you ever get unmuted you could present yourself in a respectable manner and actually be nice to people when they kill you instead of resorting to assuming they’re cheap, or lucky, or cheating, and just saying “lol gg” instead, you might be more respected. You give what you want. It’s a lesson we learn since childhood in most places. If people annoy you to the point where you feel like becoming aggressive with them, just drop it until a time that you can respond to them and win the argument by not more or less yelling at the other person. Or just do some of that.

You may find out that that helps.



I asked to be muted so I wouldn’t shout stuff to literally everyone…


Yeah, and if you learned to not shout stuff to literally everyone, people would respect you more, and you could actually use public chat.


Ah. Simple psychology.

Gh0st can’t control himself so he proceeds to blame it on others, even though he is the true problem.


This whole thing is toxic to begin with, the way we are talking towards ghost inst nice we should forgive and forget and change.


Hmmm. Now here’s a topic I can be swayed with. While Gh0st himself isn’t that great, he isn’t that bad either. This hate comes from past behavior and current behavior. Most hate nowadays comes from these noobie players who hate pirates because they pirate. In reality Gh0st isn’t evil, so stop treating him like he is. Both sides really need to work on it themselves, but some toxicity will probably never stop.