Stones_bones Banned unjustly for a week

Why were you banned?

cussing and toxicity

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

uhm, well i didnt even curse, or bypass , i was falsely banned for a week, dont you think thats a little much?

It might not have been you but you or someone arguing with you was abbreviating curse words from what I saw in #star-legacy (I forgot names by now but I’m remember stones being talked to by someone at least like a day or 2 ago)

i have surgery in 4-3 days and that is when i get unbanned, and i never cursed the guy was cussing me out

they dont even reply to me, god knows when i get my own server itll be ran like a nazi slave camp.

Im not sure if you’re legitimately trying to get unbanned or trying to get the staff to worry about you and unban you that way. Most people have seen you acting toxic on a regular basis and/or cuss. I do not see any logs of the conversation and I’ll be honest in that I trust a staff member more than I would trust you.

Final Ruling in Progress