Stealth Ships... again (but with a twist)


So there have been many different iterations of proposals for stealth or cloaking technology. Most of these involve the creation of a multiblock that takes a person off the dynmap and the nearby radar. But I’m proposing a different method:
Instead of a multiblock that can be applied to any ship, make “Stealth Ship” a specific type of starship. It can range in size from 500 to 8000 (corvette to destroyer), and it doesn’t appear on dynmap or radar when piloted. But there would be drawbacks. Perhaps the inability to use Shields or weapons, or limited power or speed with cruising. Essentially while yes you would be stealthy, you would also be at a disadvantage, as most cloaking devices in science fiction work this way.


Salty, have you read/watched the expanse? Most cloaking ships can cloak and go slowly while cloaked, but then can pounce and uncloak as well as use all weapons, I think it should be just a cloaking module that doesn’t allow you to use guns while activated and you don’t just need to deactivate to do so, you can’t fire while its on, it won’t just turn off once you fire meaning it needs to be close to the bridge. Also, they should make it that ships above a certain speed will occasionally blink into the map and radar for a second or so if they’re doing so fast to make it as if the cloak can’t keep up


The issue with stealth ships is that there are numerous ways to locate players. Even if the ship doesn’t appear on dynmap, radar, or even listships, players will still be able to tell someone is piloting with /getpos.


Yes but spamming getpos isn’t an efficient use of time or efficient method to learn where someone is in combat