Speeders: Revised


So a while back speeders were a thing
Then they got removed
Why not add them back with a few constraints
5-50 blocks, Max (trying to make a BARC speeder with more than like 8 blocks is hard)
No concrete requirement
Unable to leave planets
Can’t be shielded
Has very little power output
Faster at lower y levels. Y 5 would be triple the speed of y 250
Can hold a single chest regardless of how many blocks it is, but no more, regardless of block count.
Flies like in /dc
If it goes up an incline 2 blocks high, there’s an explosion particle effect and the ship PC ifs broken. Only PC is broken to make repairs possible
Only would need a few engines (2-4) to go stupidly fast (do you really want a BARC speeder to have a giant engine block)

I think it’s not op because it has limited use. What are your thoughts on this?


I like this! These restrictions seem to allow most of what was good about speeders while restricting what was bad and what was so good as to be OP and thus bad. One question: What do you mean by “goes up an incline of two blocks”? Do you mean if it goes up two blocks at once it explodes? That sounds a little overcorrective so as to make the ship practically useless. Or do you mean a slope incline of two blocks (for every one horizontal)? Or something else?

Still, cool!


Speeders… Sounds nice, seems like we could add races, where people bring their speeders (to Harenum obviously, desert planet with tunnels and stuff), and maybe involve credits. Just an extra idea on this already pretty cool idea.


Porrus or Orcus would probably work better in the tunnel department.


Would be traversable
[[]][[]][[]][[]] Would be traversable
[[]] Wouldn’t be.


Im making a terrain on harenum that will have a giant canyon, speeder races will be a thing if enough people show intrest