Specialized ships

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Land speeder/tanks: numerous other posts exsist give them some love
Carrier: can fly terracotta which fighters and corvettes can land on but be able to fly off of with a command.
(Name): like that giant base breaker from Last Jedi. Forgot what it’s called. Fighter size yet can’t fly in space, must be brought by a carrier. 4 bps cruise even if heckston of engines. Only use is base attacking. Power of about a light cruiser.
Animal Transport: a ship with the “Animal Pen” multiblock. The multiblock can hold 10 mins. Only this ship can have more than one.
Bomber class fighter: a fighter that has the power output of a frigate but 1/3rd the Regen of power.
Orbital bombardment: (level 100 exclusive) players aboard this dreadnought sized ship can spend 10 minutes charging power, then release it on a single coordinate position. A sphere with the radius of 100 will spawn on those coordinates. However if the ship is not within 1k of the planet it will exode the ship instantly instead. The power can only be used once a day, and the blocks destroyed take twice the normal amount of time to regenerate. Not only that, but the attacking ship will, 5 minutes in, start to give off such a massive energy signal that all players are alerted they are doing it and they have a [Power Output: Incredible] temporarily placed by their name on the map. in conventional power it would have the strength of in between a cruiser and battlecruiser.
Payload Delivery System: (level 100 exclusive) this tanker sized ship could spend 10 minutes in the orbit of a planet, then launch all it’s crates at once to the OST or trade city. After another 10 minutes the ship will be launched a similar care package type thing. Each use of the launch system costs 1k, which goes straight into deletion of it’s a OST or straight into the settlement bank of the trade city. 20 mins is probably less time than you would normally spend waiting for crates to refresh for massive ship sizes so it should balance out.
What do you think? Are these good ideas? Post your opinion on the comments below!


Suggestion on this: add a new entire line or set of types for ships that can go on ground like speeders, tanks, the bunker buster, and more. This could be done in 1.14 with some cosmetic block from it like the fletching table or that other new worthless villager block.

Also question, would you need to redetect on a carrier? Or not? if not then whatever, if so we could get a carrier specific block that doesn’t detect to other ships. This could be stone bricks, or a number of blocks.

Lastly for now, links to speeders Speeders: Revised (I hope) and tanks Tanks (Vehicle) tell me if these don’t work right

I think it would be cool for a “Racer” class (or some other speedy name) which is fighter sized but has a significantly larger power output to the thrusters to make them faster.

Also Pod Racers? Maybe? A class of Land Speeder?

I like these ideas but I also wanna add the artificial gravity for space stations? That would b epic if it was a thing.

Micle actually doesn’t like idea of starship types at all. He says he isn’t fond of the idea of interdictors, and doesn’t like starship types in general, its just the easiest way to solve things. Maybe suggest multiblocks instead?

I really like the animal transport multiblock idea tho

iirc, you can just put an animal on a starship and it’ll join the crew upon piloting and therefore allow you to transport an animal to different planets.

I havent tried that but just think:

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