Spaceport Hibernia


Planning thread for the development of a settlement city at the location of Modern Hibernia

Suggestions for improvement of the region are welcome

Priority #1
-Decide on where to put the docking/landing area
–Possible locations include

  1. (floating platform in the center of the Retta Lake (east))
    advantages include flat location, close proximity to Hibernia’s road/subway system; nearby POI (points of interest) including but not limited to the Defense Pagoda, Residential district, Hibernia’s Civic Center and Ironjim’s scrapyard, and Sugarfarm Cafe. Road system allows for easy travel to all other POI
    disadvantages: could look unnatural or out of place being a floating platform on the lake, could disturb the natural look of the lake

Underdeveloped eastern landmass
–advantages include: Relatively clear and malleable area, connection to the Road system and Subway, near the planned market district
disadvantages: other POI are not particularly close, but still accessible from the road
3. Undeveloped southern reach
Advantages include-- Least developed
Disadvantages: Least developed, cluttered storage area on the West Lake is in view of there

Hibernia deserves status as a Settlement/Trade City. It’s unique history has directly played into many of the major political events of the past year of the server and shows much intrinsic development during that time span. From being the basecamp to the second Warlord on the server (and the first one who didnt also own the server) to being the base of arimfean control over Centrum and the 10 month blockade held over Sakaro all the way to being the modern capital of the Sakaran Republic and being easily one of the most aesthetically recognizable locations on the server. Hibernia has at times switched between being a pirate hideout on the frontier of Andromeda 7b, to a fishing and agricultural hamlet, to an Arimfean Navy research and development post to a political and industrial center. The server is better when locations such as Creta, Hibernia and other landmark locations are accessible to the public, and making Hibernia a trade city will be paramount to server tourism and culture.


No real input here. Just wanted to say 2 things.

  1. Hibernia looks and has always looked awesome. Those pics with the shaders or whatever are amazing.

  2. I see an Onyx head… RIP Onyx. I’ll trade you one Comeintheforest head for the Onyxraze head lol


Add something that’s fit’s the theme for the docking tower like a japenese themed tower it would work well with the environment, also personally I feel a build like this would fit perfectly in 1st area shown in the image above.