Space Candy update, and info on trade update


Space Candy LiteLoader Rewrite!

It has long been an issue that, while Space Candy increases the performance of lasers, Forge being required results in people with slow computers overall only losing performance.

An alternative to Forge, LiteLoader, is now used by Space Candy, It is compatible with Forge and Optifine, and you can see the updated info page on how to install LiteLoader with Optifine and Space Candy.

This also removes the procedurally generated stars and brings back the high resolution space skybox :heart:

Update Status

For those who haven’t been following the update thread: The trade update is essentially done. However, balancing needs to be done, so that is underway on the test server. If you want to check out it out, join with the IP You can currently use /warp to get between the cities. Bugs are also being squashed, and features polished.