Some suggestions for new planets


I’ve heard that new planets may be in SL’s future, especially with 1.14 now out. As such, I thought I’d post my ideas here to see what people (and staff) think:

  • A planet populated with villages and villagers (because 1.14)

  • A water planet (which I already know is in the works) that contains Drowned (because they’re dangerous and also tridents)

  • Planets with ores that are currently restricted to one planet, such as Chetherite, Titanium, Uranium, etc

  • High gravity planet (levitation 129-235ish) but whose terrain is covered in slabs and stairs (because you can’t jump a whole block in that gravity)

  • A “fractured planet” covered in massive caverns straight to the void, populated by endermen and phantoms

  • A windy planet whose gusts push the player around

That’s all I’ve got for now, any criticisms or additional planet suggestions would be great!


Niiiiiiice. Maybe we could have wandering planets, planets that orbit through 7b for 7 days of every month. If you are on the planet when it leaves 7b you can be on the planet but not leave it until it is back in 7b. You can’t make claim on it. No ost. All liquids on the planet freeze when it moves away from the relative warmth of 7b’s stars (it would orbit a black hole or a dark away star) could be a way for people to hide, for people to live as hermits, or for people who want to have a life on the highway to kinda settle down a bit because technically the planet is wandering xD
Pirating would be allowed at all times on the planet ofc


High gravity planet sounds like it should have some carbon based minerals (diamonds and coal).
Wind planet I would assume would not effect far underground.
Villages I agree with and fractured planet sounds like it has been through a lot


What could be interesting is an unstable planet. Every second, it has a low chance to completely destruct. These would be smaller planets with no claims available, no cities, and probably out in deepspace. If you are on the planet when it destructs, even a locked ship is completely destroyed. However, these planets could have materials unattainable elsewhere or special items hidden on them.


Both the “wandering planet” and the “unstable planets” sound really cool! I have a few questions/concerns for each:

Wandering Planet:

  • Would the planet switch which star it is orbiting or consistently orbit one when available?
  • If a player dies while on the planet and their cryopod is unavailable, such that they respawn at Exator, do they have no way to get back until it’s returned?
  • Building on that is my single true concern, which is that it would cause people to go inactive when the planet is in the state they prefer less (depending on their lifestyle one or the other) or while “locked out”.

Exploding Planets:

  • I trust, in order to ensure that they don’t eventually all disappear, that new ones can appear as well. What does this look like? Scheduled or random?
  • Do they orbit stars or are they rogue planets, or both?
  • How unlikely is an explosion? Is the “half-life” (so to speak) of one of these planets a day, week, month, year?
  • The threat of utter destruction of the world you’re inhabiting is a pretty huge drawback. I would fear that any bonuses given to compensate this and encourage players to use or colonize these planets would be dangerously OP.
  • Wouldn’t this cause massive amounts of lag?

I know a lot of that sounded negative, but both ideas sound really interesting!


Ok wandering planets in my opinion could be around until their trajectory sent them out of sector, but it could unpredictable due to stars gravity turning them different ways. Exploding planets could be more of colliding planets which hit each other fairly often. All is my opinion


They could have an orbit that Is a 1/4th circle with the star being just off the bottom right corner of the map
Back to exactor for you
A message in #events could be sent every 24 hours saying how many days until it either goes away or comes back, so that people don’t get trapped.


I see the fractured planet appears to have worked, same with the water one I think and tbh I don’t know the resources on any of these planets. Good job.