Sofa king toxic

Its been years since ive played on a minecraft server with such blatant toxicity. It has gotten so bad that players do something toxic and then commence to try and argue the reasoning behind it. Like its so rampant that it actually invokes slight guilt on their part. I joined this server about a year ago and enjoyed it greatly, then i met the other players. So petty that they will spend hours harassing people to gain what little they have built or accumulated, when at their level the same build or items could have been obtained easily in much shorter time if it wasnt for the personality complex that causes people to be lazy and steal instead of work and earn. The general chat is a big issue. Most of it is discord spam, if not its arguments over fallacy. Ive watched multiple chat bypasses and been warned when i joined in to test the water. That being said its obvious that favoritism is also an issue. Misuse of adamin commands. Ive been teleported to get shot at multiple occasions. I left this server for about 6 months to wait for the toxic players to get banned. Which they did, However were unbanned after an appeal. So toxicty right back where it was. So im leaving and taking 3 of my viewers with me. You can keep Dillon hes 11 lol. Thank you to Zelrond and Kiro for being as non toxic as can be surrounded by the rest of you. I would suggest deleting this post regardless of my time spent typing it, it would definitely be testament to your player base and overall server environment.

Tbh… SL isn’t that toxic in comparison to a lot of other things. Unless you’re talking about the Vega wars, which are old news, then Idk what you’re referring to. Being tp’d isn’t a toxicity issue it’s a staff issue. Who tp’d ya? I won’t delete this because otherwise I’m going to see the same thing 8 more times pop up. So uh… Whoever you are, have a good day