So who is allowed to safely trade at Sakaro?


I’ve had a number of people either ask me not to kill them or ask if they were going to be attacked by me while they were trading on Sakaro. With this being such a common worry, the question begs to be answered. Who is allowed to trade on Sakaro without fear of retaliation?
The short answer is,
Everyone who isn’t enemied with us or actively pirating in Centrum.
The steady flow of trade on Sakaro is a fundamental cornerstone of the goals of the Sakaran Executive Republic. Our desire is that any and all can stop by this pristine planet and exchange goods and admire the scenery.
We value this so much we vow to defend the planet from enemies of free trade. Consider Sakaro a non-piratical zone.
However, there are things that you can do which make you considered unfit to safely enjoy the vistas of this planet, chief among these is to be an enemy of the Sakaran people.
The nature of our nation is not one to seek out conflict, and we are strongly non-interventionalist outside our sister planet Arbusto. You can check all of our relations, we have set no nations as enemies and never have! We want you to trade here, and trade here often! Create a reputation for yourself as hostile to traders in our beautiful system of Centrum, and you pose a threat to that possibility


And while you are trading here, please do stop by Hibernia and help us decide what to implement at the future site of Spaceport Hibernia


I think the main reason people might have concerns about trading at Sakaro is because of what happened before the update.
We all have our curses…
Fear of trading at Sakaro is an irrational fear that is completely outdated because of the changes made to the server. Peculiar how anyone is concerned.


Sakaro hasn’t been a threat ever since sak republic purged…


Why post on this topic 2 month after?


I just clicked on a recommended topic and didn’t look at the date