So I was threatened to be banned


I was threatened to be banned for the day if I entered a planet because noobs broke my ship after I killed one that had a bounty and was being annoying. I’m confused? Can’t i go get my stuff that they stole from me? I lost solar panel materials there. I literally lost like 5k to them, and i get threatened to ban for going back to the planet. Is this really fair?


I had stuff for several solar panels, and more stuff, and they broke all my ship, all because i was near them and killed The_Gingersnap, who had a bounty. They said I blew up their base but all I did was shoot the ground where I thought The_Gingersnap was, but there was nothing. Noix did shoot their base, but I didn’t, and they stole my stuff and my ship, and I will kill them eventually either way so… Yeah

P.S. I was shot at first, so I returned fire after the noobs had started to shoot me.